IP Montessori After School


Date Holiday Comment
Wednesday & Thursday,Friday,December 24-26 Christmas Day School Closed
Wednesday---Friday,December 31--January 2 New Year School Closed
Friday, August 29 Staff Training Day School Closed
Monday, September 1 Labor Day School Closed
Monday, October 13 Columbus Day School Closed
Tuesday, November 11 Veterans Day School Closed
Friday, December 19 Staff Training Day School Closed
Thursday, December 18 86DC Parent Teacher Conference 86DC Early Dismissal(12pm)Conf:1-6
Thursday, December 11 50DC Parent Teacher Conference 50DC Early Dismissal(12pm)Conf:1-6
Friday,July 4 Independence Day School Closed
Thursday & Friday,November 27,283 Thanksgiving Day School Closed
Thursday,June 26 End of the Year Show School will meet for show ONLY
Friday, June 13 50th Street --PTC Early Dismissal(12pm)Conf:1-6
Friday, June 20 86th Street --PTC Early Dismissal(12pm)Conf:1-6
Thursday,April 17 Staff Training Day School Closed
Friday, April 18 Good Friday School Closed
Monday,May 26 Memorial Day School Closed
Monday, February 17 President School Closed
Friday, January 31 Chinese New Year School Closed
Wednesday,January 1 New Year School Closed
Monday, January 20 Birthday of Martin Luther King,Jr. School Closed