Do you need afterschool services? Our afterschool program runs from 3:20-5:00pm.

During this time, students will be learning about important topics in English, Math, Gifted and Talented (G&T), Spanish, Chinese, and Show & Tell. All classes follow a fun, hands-on approach to teach all types of learners. Students will sing songs, engage in class activities, read books, and watch videos about the topic they are learning about.

English: ABC’s- identifying the alphabet, phonological awareness, writing words, speaking in full sentences

Math: Numbers 1-10- counting, identifying numbers, quantifying, comparing quantities, sorting, writing numbers

Shapes: Identifying shapes, identifying shape’s sides and corners, creating shapes, drawing shapes

G&T: Learning topics such as big vs small, tall vs short, over vs under, shallow vs deep, etc.

Spanish: Learning simple words pertaining to emotions, family members, seasons, weather, colors, numbers, etc.

Students will be singing songs in Spanish, and learning conversational phrases such as, “Hello, My name is _”

Science: Engaging in different experiments such as color mixing, volcanic eruptions, taste tests, etc.

Fun Chinese: Learning all about Chinese characters and how they came to be, learning conversational Chinese phrases such as, “Good morning, how are you?”

Students will be singing songs in Chinese and learning Chinese poems.

–> We also provide snack time during after school to ensure our students have the energy and focus they need for the day!

If you are interested, you can call or email us for more information, including how to apply.

Note: Our after school program is currently only for our enrolled students.